Thursday, July 17, 2008

Strawberry Yummies

I finally managed to use up most of the berries from the other day. I thought I'd tempt you with a couple more of the treats I made. Would you believe they are fat and calorie free---amazing . O.k. ....I mean the pictures- LOL

The strawberry pie is sooooo good and hard to resist. It is a jello type mixture poured over slices berries.

These strawberry squares are oh so yummy, and the great thing is they can be frozen. We'll be enjoying these later in the Fall I think ! (Shhh -Don't tell anyone, but I had to sneek a couple to taste test of course !)

I am also making a strawberry chocolate cheesecake which I plan to freeze too. We'll see if that works as this is a new to me recipe.

Oh my poor waistline ! You know what they say....a moment on the lips...a lifetime on the hips :)

Wishing you a berry delicious day.


Anonymous said...

That looks great! I am in a strawberry dessert mood lately too!

Patty B. said...

OK, Tammy, I have to have the recipe. Please, please, please?????