Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reverse Trapunto

I am making slow progress on this bear. It has been so hot and humid that I just don't have the energy to hold thick, warm mohair on my lap. I do have most of the pieces sewn though.

I decided to try a new method for the pawpads this time. It is called reverse trapunto. Usually with trapunto I sew the ultrasuede and a cotton layer on the bottom side of the top pawpad, then cut out the shape on the front. With reverse trapunto you sew the design shape on the top of the mohair pad, trim the edges-kind of like an applique.

You then make a small slit on the backside, stuff and close the hole. I am excited to finish the paws and shade to see the final result.


Vicki said...

Tammy i can't wait to see how this bear is going to turn out, knowing you it will be stunning.

Vicki xx

Tammy said...

Thanks Vicki, what a sweet thing to say :)