Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Already !

It's hard to believe it is already the 5th of January.  I hope it has been a good year for everyone so far. 

The kids went  back to school yesterday, hubby is at work and I am excited to get back into a routine and start making bears.  I had great plans to sew all week,  but alas that has changed lol.   I  volunteered to help serve food at a funeral today , and have  another funeral I hope to attend tomorrow.  Not a great way for these families to start the new year :(

I am hoping this year will be a good year health wise for me and my family.  I am still waiting for surgery which was supposed to be in Dec. or Jan, but has been delayed until May at least.  I'll worry about that when the times comes :)  

I'll can't wait to see what my first bear of 2011 will look like.  Stay tuned for it's debut ... maybe next week.


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Katy Cameron said...

Looking forward to meeting your new creations :o)