Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Annual Bear Giveaway

I cannot believe it is almost time for my annual bear giveaway !!  How did the year go so fast ???  Each year I want to show my appreciation to all those who enjoy collecting and seeing my creations.  So, everyone who is a member of my mailing list is entered into my draw to win a bear on my birthday.  So.....on October 30th I will be giving away Tabitha as seen below.  My parents almost named me Tabitha so that is why I chose this name :)

She is 7.5" standing and made from peachy beige and rose colored mohair .

Good luck !  If you aren't on my mailing list please feel free to join- see the sign up box in the right side column of my blog.


Katy Cameron said...

Argh, bravenet strikes again, their 'enter letters here' bit never works for me because it's always blocked as a nasty! Good luck to everyone that enters though, she's very cute :o)

Atalia /Natalia said...

Tammy, wonderful giveaway, you bears very exquisite, I adore you work. Trying myself get on mink bear - delicate work.

I'd like to take part in your generous giveaway.

Thank you, Natalia

Valerie said...

Tabitha is really sweet!