Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An eventful week

Well, I do apologize for taking longer than expected to get this mink bears head completed. I ended up spending Sunday morning at the emergency for another panic like attack. My blood pressure and heart rate were sky high so they did lots of blood tests and an EKG to make sure I wasn't having a heart attack. I had to start blood pressure medication and had a follow up appointment with my doctor today which ruled out thyroid problems. I HATE taking pills :( Who knows why this is happening as the symptoms are common for many different things. I'm am glad the doctor discovered the blood pressure issue though ! I 'll change my diet and exercise more to see if that will keep the blood pressure under control too.

I still need to have another test done to see if we can sort this out, but the wait may be 3 months I'm told. So, hopefully this medication will keep me on track until then . It seems to be making me tired so I have to have sneak a few naps here and there LOL.

I really do hope to get this bear done by the weekend if all goes as planned LOL. I hope you can wait :)

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Dolores said...

I do hope it's not too serious. Panic attacks sound frightening.