Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Away we go !

It was a binders, backpacks, and bearmaking kind of day as we all headed off in different directions. The kids each started at new , bigger schools both excited yet with butterflies. My daughter loved her 1st day at Junior High. My son was a bit overwhelmed with his first 1/2 day at High School and all the "tall" people (he's still only 5'5" waiting desperately for another growth spurt -poor guy) . Me...well , I had a lump in my throat and enough butterflies for both of them . I remember how scary those 1st days can be. It is also the first time ever I won't have someone home to share lunch with me each day :(

But, as they left I wiped away a tear or two (I am such a softy) and headed for the bear supplies. I drew up a new pattern last week , tweeked the sizing and had started on a prototype. I got it all stitched today and am excited to put it together. It is always fun to see how a 2D drawing transforms into something 3D and huggable. I am experimenting with more darts to change the shape of the head and body. I just realized the profile almost looks like Winnie the Pooh . I'm hoping for something plump so stay tuned.

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